For Semiconductor

Fifty years ago, Honeywell Electronic Materials was among the first materials suppliers for the burgeoning semiconductor industry. Every year we expand our product lines, ultimately including materials for almost every stage of wafer fabrication and semiconductor packaging.

Our customer service excellence earns Honeywell Electronic Materials its leadership position in this industry.

TIMS (Thermal Interface Materials)

Honeywell TIMs are Phase Change Materials (PCMs) based on polymer systems with advanced filler technology

Low Alpha Materials

Honeywell RadLo low alpha packaging materials can help you reduce soft error rates.

Electronic Chemicals

We manufacture high-purity process chemicals, delivering consistent quality products for semiconductor and displays.


Our high quality, reliable precious metal thermocouples can reduce downtime and increase manufacturing productivity.

Targets, Coil Sets, Metals

We deliver quality sputtering targets, coils sets and high-purity metals with precision and ultra high-purity.

Electronic Polymers

We’re a pioneer of spin-on glass and a leading supplier of advanced polymers for semiconductor applications.

Electrical Interconnect

We manufacture electrical interconnect materials for low alpha, die attach and bonding wire uses.