Connecting Semiconductor Packaging

Our Electrical Interconnect solutions are available for all types high-performance semiconductor packaging needs.


Electrical Interconnect

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All Resources

Flip Chip Metallization Brochure

Flip Chip Metallization Brochure

Honeywell Electronic Materials is an industry leader in the production of a wide range of die attach products including eutectic and soft solder in a variety of forms. We offer a full range of lead and lead-free alloys, with an open tool list and custom capability.

Electrical interconnect
Low alpha materials

  • SAC
  • Pb
  • SnAg
  • Sn Oxide for bump plating and solder

Die Attach

  • Pb solder wire
  • Pb-free solder wire
  • High purity evaporation charges

Bonding wire – diameters down to 0.7 mils

  • Gold
  • Aluminum
  • Copper