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Honeywell Electronic Materials continues to invest heavily in basic research as well as the development of new refining techniques and better metrology. Our research on alpha emitter distribution and transport properties has shed light on why increases in alpha emissions have been observed in packaging materials after manufacturing. The learning from this research has been incorporated into our production process in order to ensure that our packaging materials reliably meet alpha emission specifications. Read the white paper

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Honeywell’s Low Alpha Technology LeadershipHoneywell is the leader in alpha flux measurement and the development of Pb-free low alpha products.

In 2004, Honeywell led the industry in proposing standards for alpha flux measurement. These standards established a basis for comparison across industry participants rooted in best scientific practices and were adopted by JEDEC in 2011.

Our experience in manufacturing low alpha materials spans more than two decades. During this time, we’ve successfully developed proprietary refining techniques and significantly advanced our capabilities in metrology.

Refining Technique

Our proprietary refining technique selectively removes alpha-emitting isotopes. This enables our materials to reliably meet ultra-low alpha grade (less than 0.002 counts/hour/cm2) and satisfy the critical alpha emission levels required of advanced flip-chip packages.

Advanced Metrology

Honeywell employs state-of-the-art metrology across our supply chain to ensure precise measurement of alpha emissions. At extremely low alpha emission levels, measurement of alpha flux is difficult due to the effects of contaminants and background radiation (see chart below). Robust processes controls are required to accurately distinguish material emissions from background emissions.

Signal vs. Noise Graph
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Ask a Honeywell representative to explain how our technology helps meet your low alpha needs.

Honeywell’s advanced refining processes and metrology ensure that our materials reliably meet low alpha specifications.Along with its superior performance, RadLo’s low cost and ease of integration makes it the soft error solution of choice. Alternative solutions to soft errors are ineffective and do not address the root cause of the problem.

RadLo materials represent the best solution for reducing soft error rates.
Low Alpha Integration

Design changes and shielding of sensitive areas of the device are no longer practical due to geometry constraints. Error correction packages that are incorporated into software reduce the overall performance of the application.