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Honeywell RadLo™ materials include solder material of various low alpha grades for devices challenged by soft errors. We continually re-invest in the development of low alpha materials. See some of our recent work in low alpha materials in this presentation.

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Typical Applications RadLo materials are used in advanced solder bumping applications such as solder microspheres and copper pillar solder caps. These features are common in advanced flip chip and 3-D wafer-level chip packages.

Evolution of Solder Bumping Technology
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These materials are located closer to sensitive device features, which means that their alpha emissions are often the root cause of soft errors. RadLo’s low level of alpha emissions results in a significant reduction in soft error rates.

Product Offering

RadLo materials are available in various form factors, including pellets and ingots for solder feedstock, plating anodes, and plating solution materials. Our solder feedstock is used to create solder microspheres and solder paste. RadLo materials are manufactured to meet purity levels of at least 4N (99.99%) and are processed in our facility in Spokane, Washington.

Honeywell’s Manufacturing Role in Low Alpha Materials
View Larger ImageHoneywell’s Manufacturing Role in Low Alpha Materials Honeywell’s Manufacturing Role in Low Alpha Materials


Alpha Grades

RadLo materials are available in two low alpha grades:

  • Low alpha grade (<0.01/counts/hr/cm2)
  • Ultra-low alpha grade (<0.002/counts/hr/cm2)

Product Types

  • Pb-free solder feedstock
  • Tin-based anodes for plating systems
  • Sn-MSA plating solution material

Custom Development

Honeywell’s development team can partner with customers, including manufacturers of electroplating systems, to create custom alloys for all form factors.

Contact us to learn more about our product offerings.

Continued growth in flip chip packaging points toward the increased adoption of electroplating for wafer bumping applications.  Honeywell is uniquely positioned to provide Sn- and Cu-based Plating Anodes for use in wafer bumping.
Honeywell RadLo Plating Anodes offer the following features:Plating-anodes-radlo

  • Available in various low alpha grades
  • High purity (>99.99% pure)
  • Precision machined
  • Class 1000 cleanroom packaging


Honeywell Plating Anodes, backed by our robust supply chain and metrology capabilities, provide consistency and reliability in performance.

Our industry-leading expertise in low alpha materials means that our Plating Anodes can minimize the incidence of soft errors caused by wafer bumps in semiconductor device packaging.