Precision and Ultra High Purity

Our metal refining ensures that we have the most consistent microstructure control down to the sub micron level.


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Dependable Supply

Supply chain reliability is what you need to keep everything running smoothly.
Trust Honeywell Electronic Materials (HEM) to consistently deliver a superior quality product made with unmatched levels of precision and ultra high-purity materials. Honeywell’s sputtering targets, coil sets and high-purity metals fulfill your exacting manufacturing requirements for semiconductor front and back end packaging needs.

Our vertically integrated metals production ensures:

  • Ultra High Purity
  • Deep bench research
  • Consistent composition of all metal products
  • Help with custom solutions

  • Targets
  • Coil Sets
  • Metals

Reduce Downtime, increase Target Life

Consistent target composition keeps your manufacturing running. By owning and operating metal refining and purification processes, we ensure that our metals have the lowest particulate counts in the industry, with the most consistent microstructure control down to the sub micron level.

We can meet your demand. Our metallurgical expertise enables us to produce targets that are ergonomically lightweight made with the highest quality metals. They are manufactured for the majority of original equipment manufacturer designs (OEM) found in physical vapor deposition (PVD) applications. We’ve increased targets production capacity, as well as our internal capacity to produce the copper, cobalt, titanium, and tungsten raw materials used to make the targets.

When you work with the world’s largest manufacturer of sputtering targets for the semiconductor industry, you can maintain your competitive edge.
Our dedicated research teams in Spokane have the application knowledge and experience to help you design your next generation products.

And as the need for targets in Photovoltaic industry grows, Honeywell Electronic Materials has the technical capabilities to match your needs as well.

Technology customized designs with:

  • Major metals– AI/Ti, Cu/Ta, CoWTiW, TiAL
  • Semiconductor front end, Under-Bump Metalization (UBM)
  • Through silicon-via (TSV)
  • Patented ECAE technology ultrafine grain size

Optimize Manufacturing Output

Honeywell’s Electronic Materials’ high quality and ultra purity dedicated coil sets are precision manufactured to exacting OEM specifications and quality standards. They make the best performance possible in your manufacturing process.

As a Best Known Method (BKM) supplier, we ensure timely delivery of product that’s manufactured to your specifications. Work with the leading supplier of high-purity coil sets for Applied Materials Inc VECTRA™, ELECTRA® and EnCoRe process chambers.

A full range of 200mm and 300mm coil sets in Titanium (Ti), Tantalum (Ta) and Copper (Cu), are available in a variety of configurations, purity and surface treatments.

Coil sets are high-purity consumable products used for certain Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) processing. Our consistent reliable fabrication of high-purity metals to coil sets keeps your manufacturing working at optimum outputs.

Coil Sets Feature:

  • Controlled grain size
  • Clean room packaging
  • Proven metrology
  • Analytical capability


High Purity Metals, Dedicated Refiner

In addition to feeding the supply chain for targets, we sell high-purity metals for electronics, aerospace and other exacting industries. Through years of research and testing, coupled with breakthrough metallurgical technology, Honeywell Electronic Materials (HEM) delivers the higher device yields and lower particle performance you need in Titanium, Copper, Cobalt, Tungsten and Aluminum

Because we’re a vertically integrated, dedicated refiner and supplier of high-purity metals, we ensure ultra high-purity and the consistency of metals used upstream of your supply chain. Every critical production step that is used in metals manufacturing is completed in our own facilities.
Refined to leading industry purity levels

Our reliable, precise metal and alloy compositions guarantee consistency. Consistent alloys composition can deliver the product performance you need every time.


  • Titanium: purity up to 5N5 and oxygen content below 100 ppm
  • Cobalt: purity up to 5N High PTF
  • Copper: purity up to 6N
  • Aluminum: purity up to 5N5; alloyed with Si and Cu
  • Nickel: purity up to 4N85, NO spit
  • Titanium sponge: purity up to 3N5, Sodium reduced with nickel less than 5 ppm
  • Titanium electro refined Crystal: Purity up to 99.999% metals, plus salts, as a dendrite with Oxygen < 100 ppm

We’re also the world’s largest supplier of 99.999% pure titanium for semiconductor applications and Titanium Mill Products.
Contact us for more information and specialty manufacturing for the Semiconductor and Photovoltaic industry.